New Law Aims to Address Youth Vaping by Regulating E-cigarettes

The issue of youth vaping has become a growing problem in many areas, including locally, and has prompted the need for effective legislation. Governor Josh Green took a significant step toward combating this issue by signing into law Act 62, which aims to regulate e-cigarettes and tackle youth vaping. This article will provide an overview of the new law, its key provisions, and the impact it aims to achieve.

Regulating E-cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Act 62 establishes the offense of unlawful shipment of tobacco products, which now includes electronic smoking devices and e-liquids under the definition of "tobacco products." This classification enables the application of the cigarette tax and tobacco tax law to these products. Additionally, the law imposes an excise tax on each electronic smoking device or e-liquid sold, used, or possessed by a wholesaler or dealer, starting from January 1.

The intention behind this legislation is to regulate e-cigarettes in a manner similar to other cigarettes and tobacco products, including the imposition of taxes. By doing so, the government aims to address the public health concerns associated with vaping and youth access to these products.

The Significance of Act 62

The signing of Act 62 marks the culmination of years of effort, and Governor Green acknowledges the Department of Health and all the advocates, including youth advocates, who have tirelessly worked toward its realization. This law represents a crucial step forward in safeguarding the well-being of young people.

Concentrating Enforcement on the Unregulated Market

Oahu State Senator Jarrett Keohokalole emphasizes that the bill takes direct aim at the youth vaping epidemic by focusing enforcement efforts on the unregulated local and online vape market. By cracking down on the availability and accessibility of electronic smoking devices, especially to children and teenagers, the law aims to curb the overwhelming wave of vaping addiction in our schools.

Saving Lives and Ensuring Safety

Retired Maui State Senator Roz Baker, a longstanding advocate for legislation of this nature, expressed the importance of the bill in protecting young individuals who may be susceptible to the allure of vaping. Baker emphasizes that regulations are necessary to keep our citizens safe and healthy. By implementing effective measures, the law has the potential to save lives and prevent the harmful consequences of vaping among the youth population.


The signing of Act 62 is a significant step forward in addressing the issue of youth vaping through the regulation of e-cigarettes. By including disposable vapes and e-liquids in the definition of "tobacco products" and imposing taxes, the law seeks to reduce accessibility and availability to children and teens. This comprehensive approach aims to combat the growing problem of vaping addiction among young individuals, ensuring their safety and well-being.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does Act 62 aim to achieve?
Act 62 aims to regulate e-cigarettes and address youth vaping by including electronic smoking devices and e-liquids under the definition of "tobacco products" and imposing taxes on these products.

2. When does Act 62 take effect?
The law will take effect on July 1.

3. How will Act 62 reduce access to electronic smoking devices?
By establishing an offense for the unlawful shipment of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, and imposing an excise tax on these products, Act 62 aims to deter their availability and accessibility, particularly among children and teenagers.

4. Who supported the passage of Act 62?
Governor Josh Green, the Department of Health, and various advocates, including youth advocates, supported the passage of Act 62.

5. What are the potential benefits of Act 62?
Act 62 has the potential to save lives by curbing the growing vaping addiction among young people and ensuring their safety and overall health.

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