Impacts and Portrayals of the marginalization between the relationship in Patriarchal Society


  • Deepthy Sneka. A Holy Cross College(Autonomous),Trichy.


Marginalization, discrimination, empowerment, predicament, inequality, relegate


This presentation deals with marginalization, which discriminates the capability of a woman
due to her gender. The Indian society has faced numerous barriers and often tries to insists that
all are equal. India has a central idea of Unity in Diversity. This patriarchal country still
relegates a person based on their religion, caste, gender and economic status. This paves the
way for inequality, mental traumas, and an unhealthy relationship between male and female.
Indian Writings depicts the subjugation and objectification of Indian woman who survives in the
society in which the men thought a women is a weaker sex.Numerous writers tries to eradicate
this marginalization of a women through their stylistic narration and portrays women
predicaments . The prime objective of the present study is to focus on marginalization of women
in Indian society as portrayed in the Shashi Deshpande’s novel That Long Silence.


Deshpande ,Shashi, That Long Silence,Penguin books1989.

Integrated Journal for Research in Arts and Humanities, Marginalized Literature Volume-2, Dr.Ravindra Kumar Singh and Dr.Usha Sawhney,ISSN(Online):2583-1712