Female voices in Anita Desai’s In Custody


  • R.P. Kamalisree Nehru Memorial college, Puthanampatti, Trichy - 621007


Domination, Feminism, Self-identity, Trap custody.


Anita Desai is one of the best known women writers of Indian fiction in English and she is a feminist writer who portrays women’s desire and struggle for freedom from the social and traditional bondages in the patriarchal society in her novels. She deals with the major themes of her work focusing on isolation, lack of communication, inner struggle, man–woman relationship, and marital discord. This study aims to trace gender equality. Anita Desai has been a strong voice in portraying Indian woman’s life, their struggles against male dominated society. Desai’s In Custody is about searching for identity and meaning in life. The male characters in In Custody are trapped in unsuccessful lives. Anita Desai paints a picture of the status of women in her novels, which is most emphatically represented in her novel In Custody. This pitiful state of women in Indian society is a parameter that almost all women have to live every day.


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