The Consequences of Impairment and Depression Mirrored in Jojo Moyes Me Before You


  • B.Jarina Begam PG & Research Department of English, Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous),Tiruchirappalli – 620020


Impairment, Depression, Isolate, Inability


This research article intends to project the Consequences of disability and depression represented in Jojo Moyes Me Before You. The subject matter of this study is based on the impairment and depression of Will Traynor. Me Before You is written by Jojo Moyes, who is an English Journalist, screenwriter and a winner of many prestigious awards. Jojo Moyes' writings have been translated into twenty-eight languages and sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. Me Before You demonstrates how the perception of handicap is that of a personal tragedy or a brave person overcoming adversity. It illustrates the ways in which the disabled are marginalized in society. As the main character, he begins to withdraw himself and feel alone after the accident, which leaves him powerless.  He thinks that his life is going to end and he decided to put a full stop to that. This paper aims to give a clear analysis of the consequences of impairment and depression in the life of the protagonist Will Traynor and his approach towards his disability.


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