Allocation – A reason for misconducting others


  • S. R. Makhima Bharathiar University PG Extension & Research Centre, Erode.
  • Dr. S. Suganya Bharathiar University PG Extension & Research Centre, Erode.


Caste system, Suppression, patience, self – belief, Marginalization.


Marginalization, also called social marginalization, occurs when a person or groups of people are less able to do things or access basic services or opportunities.  The very universal theme found in the concept of marginalization is to bring forth of discrimination, brutality and the ostracisation by rectifying this situation slowly by depicting the nuances of marginalized society.  Vijay Dondopant Tendulkar, an Indian Playwright, through Kanyadaan portrays the other hidden side of Dalit’s mental state of mind. As a genuine perceiver, Vijay Tendulkar provides a deep insight to his readers eyes of a social problem that continues to evade easy solutions.  The objective of this paper is to provide the readers that though the difficulties suppressing the woman, yet she stand for the welfare of the future generations and also subjects the reason of mistreating a person which was evident through Vijay Tendulkar’s work.


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