The Emotional Connection of Women in the novel Tamas by Bhisham Sahni


  • S. Jesline Monica Holy Cross College(Autonomous) ,Affiliated to Bharathidasan University ,Tiruchirapalli-620002


Women, Emotional turmoil, Societal expectations, Communal violence, identity, Family dynamics.


The paper explores the psychological state of women during India's partition as shown in Bhisham Sahni's Tamas. The study examines how women negotiate the intricacies of identity and agency during the societal upheaval of one of the most turbulent periods in South Asian history, delving into the emotional turbulence, trauma, resilience, and altering gender roles. The story takes place against a backdrop of collective violence and provides a deep understanding of the terror, anxiety, and sadness that women experience when their homes are destroyed and their families are ripped apart. The investigation of the severe trauma and loss that women endured, exposing the psychological wounds caused by the division, forms the core of the analysis.    Despite the enormous obstacles, It also highlights the tenacity of women who, in the midst of hardship, show courage and resourcefulness. The study closely examines situations in which women overcome challenges, start anew, and create new identities. The investigation also looks at how society expectations and changing gender roles are portrayed, providing insight into how women manage conventional duties in the context of a shifting socio-political environment.


Sahni, Bhisham. Tamas, Penguin books, 2016.