Female Supremacy in Rebecca Ross’s The Queen Rising


  • S. Hemalatha Sri Sarada College for Women (Autonomous) Salem, (Tamil Nadu), India.
  • S. Ramya Niranjani Sri Sarada College for Women (Autonomous) Salem, (Tamil Nadu), India.


Gender, Power, Patriarchal domination, Women Empowerment


This paper deals with the two main features, such as women’s solidarity and empowerment, as portrayed in the novel The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross. The author has conveyed the powerful message that women are great warriors in all fields. This paper clearly shows that the assistance and ability of a woman can bring huge change to society and the world. This paper focuses on a woman’s leadership traits, tenacity, and relief from the social limitations that make her choose her own destiny, where women are discriminated against and provided with fewer opportunities. It also aims to explore how the female characters fight for an equitable society against gender-based restrictions in the fields of power and authority. It gives an insight into how the author interweaves a tale of the ultimate self-discovery of a woman in the kingdom of intrigue, politics and power dynamics. This paper addresses the fact that the unity and collaboration of women in a society can make everything possible, which makes patriarchal dominance kneel before the power of women.


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