Interrogating Postcolonial Themes in Anuradha Roy's Sleeping on Jupiter: Identity, Power and Agency


  • J. Thirzha Holy Cross College (Autonomous) , Tiruchirappalli-2


Postcolonial themes, colonization, modernity, complex relationships, identity, trauma, setting


The objective of this abstract, "Journeys Beyond Colonization: Unveiling Postcolonial Perspectives in Sleeping on Jupiter by Anuradha Roy," is to give a summary of the postcolonial themes that are covered in the book. Through her proficient narrative weaving, Anuradha Roy explores the nuances of trauma, identity, and change in culture in the wake of colonization. The story takes place in the made-up seaside town of Jarmuli, which acts as a microcosm for larger post-colonial experiences in India. The characters negotiate the residual impacts of colonialism while adjusting to postcolonial India's changing circumstances. The book offers a sophisticated examination of the postcolonial environment while addressing the cultural and historical context of India. The conflict between tradition and modernity, religious diversity, and the enduring impact of colonial legacies are among the major themes. Roy deftly explores how deeply rooted conventions from the colonial past shape societal expectations, particularly for women. As they navigate between their individual pasts and the shared recollections of a country emerging from colonial rule, the characters serve as vehicles for an examination of the complexities of postcolonial identity. The seaside town itself, which is referred to as a place of pilgrimage, takes on symbolic meaning in relation to spiritual quests and the search for purpose in a postcolonial society. The book takes readers on a deep dive into the postcolonial world, encouraging contemplation on the intricacies of identity, the complex relationship of power relations, and the fortitude of individuals and groups in the face of adversity.


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