Trauma Narratives and role as mother in Emma Donoghue’s Room


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  • B.Jarina Begam Jamal Mohamed College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli – 620 020.


Rape, Imprisonment, Mother, struggle, and violence


This Novel analyses the struggle of women against violence, and it was written by Emma  Donoghue in 2010. It includes the theory of existence of women and theory of violence. The  factors that cause the violence are structural violence and cultural violence. Emma used the  documentation method for data analysis. The first form of violence was faced by the  main character of the novel, including sexual abuse, rape, and kidnapping. The second  form related to the feminist movement and examines how people are aware of this world .  This study portrays how Ma, the female protagonist, manages her dual role as a mother of a five- year-old Jack. They were compelled to live inside a constricting room set up by Nick, the  antagonist. This novel centres on how the mother defined her motherly love while living in a  small room. Ma lives in an 11x11 room, representing Nick's authority. Ma has successfully  fulfilled her role as a mother by providing her son with all his physical needs, like nutritious  food, and maintaining his cognitive development.


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