Portrayal of women in Bharati Mukherjee’s Jasmine


  • B.Yasmin Banu Assistant Professor, Department of English, Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy.


Feminism, Marginalization, Discrimination, Diaspora, Domination


The current study attempted to emphasize the concerns about women immigrants worldwide and their representation in the diaspora of India writing. In the diaspora, the
majority of women experience various forms of discrimination and are consistently viewed as
inferior to their male counterparts. While it is true that women in the diaspora face numerous
challenges, they are also speaking out against marginalization, oppression, and oppression of this sort. Because of their strong feminism, Indian diaspora women writers have given
immigrant women a voice. This study aims to critically examine the challenges faced by
women living in the diaspora and explore several perspectives that aim to combat discriminatory attitudes prevalent in a society dominated by men. This paper will evaluate
Bharati Mukherjee's novel Jasmine critically to comprehend the effects of Indian women in a
discriminatory environment.


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