The Torment of Confinement and Its Impact on Masculinity: An Analytical Real-Time Case Study with Respect to Emma Donoghue’s Room


  • Christy Jenifer S Holy Cross College (Autonomous) ,Tiruchirappalli-2
  • Dr. C. R.Sherly Winfred Holy Cross College (Autonomous) ,Tiruchirappalli-2


Masculine, Trauma, Confinement, Reality, Case Study


This research paper titled “The Torment of Confinement and Its Impact on  Masculinity: An
Analytical Real-Time Case Study with Respect to Emma Donoghue’s Room, aims at bringing
to light the confined section of persecution to men, while holding an  effective comparison
with the literary construct of Emma Donoghue’s seminal novel, Room. This paper analyses
how both a case study of reality and fictional piece of literature travel the same parallel type
of traps, and how trauma is automatically created as a result of each of the two ideologies. It
encapsulates the torment of masculine traits that have almost lost the opportunity to be
defended upon. And this concept stands best expressed through the novel’s central figure
Jack, a little boy, but again a growing up male, who faces a traumatic aftermath from five
years of captivity. While choosing to evolve in the emotional mindset of males like him,
sometimes injustice done to even brave men can cause silenced suffering within them.  These
silenced men and their struggle to come out of such trauma, form the corner stones of this
research paper. This study deals with both physical and mental imprisonment of Jack as well

as harassed men in general, and respects their untold misery, thereby stressing upon the key
of equality in justice, and to break the chain of taboo against such cause.


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