An Open-Ended Imagery: As a Readymade Food of Flash Fiction In Digital Sphere


  • R. Yamuna Yadava College, Madurai, Tamilnadu.


Micro-fiction, Flash Fiction, Six word story, Twitterature, Mini-Saga, Sudden Fiction, Digital Sphere, Digital Rhetoric, Open-ended, Brevity, and Spiritedness.


In the emergence of digital media proves the strongestexhibition and dissemination of flash fiction. The rhetorical interpretation of the imagery used in flash fiction, which is highly noticeable. The prominent types of flash fiction are six word story, twitterature, mini-saga, sudden fiction and even more(based on word
count).Major questions lifted up and talked about in this paper include the style of writing and the impression of micro-fiction in general, specifically investigate the impact of an open-ended imagery used as a tool to communicate and evoke strong emotions in flash fiction, how brief and limited structure claimed spiritedness within active readers of flash fiction, the features of the flash fiction and its other kinds of digital literary texts explored through the point of view of digital rhetoric theory. In particular, this study exhibit, how the open- ended imageries treated as a readymade food for the flash fiction to make it popular.


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