Portrayal of the trauma of a woman through the poem An Introduction by Kamala Das


  • S. Sherin Holy Cross College (Autonomous) , Tiruchirappalli-2


Trauma, sexuality, gender inequality


Kamala Das was a well-known poet from India. She was a native of Kerala. The  primary themes in her works were trauma and memory. Her writings are mostly  autobiographical. An introduction is a poem that deals with the personal life experience of  Kamala Das. The poem can be analysed through the lens of trauma literature, as it reflects the  poet's struggle with societal norms, gender expectations, and the search for identity. The  paper interpreting the poem as trauma literature that focus on the exploration of Das's  emotional and psychological trauma arising from her confrontation with a conservative  society that imposes restrictions on women. The paper delves into the ways the poem  portrays the lasting impact of societal constraints on the poet's psyche, emphasizing the  emotional wounds inflicted by societal norms and gender roles. Additionally, it can highlight  how the poem becomes a medium through which Kamala Das articulates her struggles,  attempting to transcend the trauma and find her own voice and identity. Through an  examination of language, imagery, and symbolism in the poem, the abstract could explore  how Das uses poetic expression as a form of catharsis and resistance against the trauma of  societal expectations


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