Jumpa Lahiri’s Novel The Namkesake In An Diasporic Prespective


  • S.Sreeka Bharathiar University PG Extension & Research centre, Erode.
  • Dr. S. Suganya Bharathiar University PG Extension & Research Centre, Erode.


Diasporic, hardship, dispersion, adaption, immigration


The term “Diaspora” comes from the greek word meaning “Dispersion”. Diasporic literature encompasses stories about those who disperse or scatter away from their homeland. These novels follow characters who try to assimilate life in a new country, who for several reasons leave home and create a new one, sometimes thousands of kilometers from what was known to them. Jumpa Lahiri, a British- American author, through her novel The Namesake refelcts the hardships faced by the protoganist of the novel. She was one of the important writer in writing diasporic novels. Throughtout the novel The Namesake, the readers can able to adapt to the characters emotions which they gothrough in every phase of their life. This novels is of exploring life, love and traditions as the second generation of immigrants.


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