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Dr. B.Karthikeyan


India is a multi religious country which consisted lot of religions and having several division on them. The people of India attributed the religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism and Sowrastirism. The Islam religion, have some unique form of doctrine where the intellectuals glorified in Sufism. On the path, the Sayed Abdul Kathir Sahul Ameed has sacred intellectual born in ayodhya and migrated to Nagoor in Tamil Nadu. Nagoor is located in side of Coromandel Coast in Thanjavur. Then this town might be renowned as sacred town of Muslim, and so many pilgrims have frequently visited the place ever. Also it emerged as the important religious town of Muslims. The Nagaiyandathi has given brief history about the town and sufi. The Nagiyanthathi has clearly explains about the agricultural lands, significance of Nagoor town, Buffalos act, codes of Women, blessing of Abdul kathir, solve the discrepancy  of people, solve the problems of evils, to rectify issues of enemies, medicinal remedies, beneficiations of God, Sorrows of peoples, vision of women and tradition and culture. This article has focused to reveal the significance of Nagoor through Nagiyandadhi poetry, and express the life and livelihood of the people.

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