Muslims Cultural and Educational Development in Tamil Nadu

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R. Poorana Chandra
Dr. G.Kasthuri Thilagam


India is a country of unity in diversity, with different customs and cultures followed by the people where all classes live. However Hindus, Muslims, Christians are making their religious and religious advancements. In this, the Muslim people in particular are preserving and reconciling their customs and cultures. Especially Educational Developments for women’s. Before the independence of India, Muslims were an oppressed community. Some Muslim religious leaders were instrumental in the religious development of the people. Various movements appeared in India, for example, the Aligrah Movement in India. This movement was founded in Sir syed Ahmed Khan And The Muhammadan Educational Society in Tamil Nadu. The movement for the growth of education among the Muslim educational activities in Tamil Nadu. The educational attainments of Muslims may be classified into, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education and Women's Education. Surah-I-Iqra, is the first revealed version of the Holy Book of Muslims. In this article we will find a summary of Muslim cultures and the educational development of the Muslim in Tamil Nadu population in this article.

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