The Living Ethics and Duties of Shia Muslims In Poetry On Fikhu Malai

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P. Karthikeyan
Dr. B.Karthikeyan


The people from the world have followed different religions for traditionally or choose by voluntarily. Among them the Islamic religion are placed in second where people attributed from various countries.  The religions have some specific divisions like Sunni and Shia. The Shia division has some unique code and ethics and people followed the same. These traditions have exhibited in the form of some sources. On the path, The Bhihu Malai poetry reveals the significance of shia doctrine, and exhibit the codes and ethics of the religion. Bhihu Malai written by Navarathina Kali Kathiru Muhaideen Annaviyar, which posseed 490 songs. These poetry belongs to nineteenth century and given brief description by Kulam Kadhiru Navalar, which published by 1901 A.D., It republished by Haji Sayed Muhammed Annaviyar on 1909 A.D. It has given brief description on ethics of religion,  codes, prayer method, living method, Azan (call for prayer), ring wearing method,  Zagat, Haj(pilgrimage), eating ethics, business ethics, Marriage system and etc., This books is named Navarathinakavi and given conclusion those who doesn’t follow the religion properly is not a follower of religion. This article has focused to reveal the codes and ethics of Shia Muslims in India especially on Bhihu Malai poet.

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