Structural and optical properties of NiO and Mn doped NiO nanparticles

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C. Thangamani
P. Matheswaran
K. Pushpanathan


Ni1-xMnxO (x = 0.0 - 0.05) nanoparticles were successfully prepared by precipitation method at room temperature Prepared samples were characterized by structural, optical, microstructure and magnetic properties. X-ray diffraction analysis confirmed that Mn ions substitution of NiO lattice with FCC structure. The average crystalline size found to decrease from 42 to 34 nm. Optical analysis show increase in band from 4 -3.8 eV by strong quantum confinement effect with blue shift in the absorption spectra range of 325 – 290 nm. FTIR spectra confirmed the formation of Ni-Mn-O.

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