Advanced treatment of waste water using microalgae in and around the region of Gengavalli

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Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar
Dr. S. Ananthakrishnan


The present study illustrates the efficiency of microalgae based treatment system. Treatment of wastewater with microalgae based system have the ability of remove the nutrients( nitrogen , phosphorus and other nutrients ) , heavy metals ,toxic substance (both organic and inorganic) , BOD ,COD and other impurities present in the waste water by using the sunlight, co2 and impurities like nutrients present in the wastewater. The microalgae also have the ability of the fix the excess carbon dioxide present in the environment and release the oxygen and solve the problem of global warming .According to the various study the nutrients removal efficiency of  78- 99% of nitrogen and phosphorus the treatment system also succeed to removal of the 40-65%of COD , BOD and other impurities present in wastewater.  The organic and inorganic substance released into the environment as a result of domestic, agricultural and industrial wastewater. The normal primary & secondary treatment process are involved in the treatment. Present investigation focuses on the bioremediation of waste water using microalgae.

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