Tamil Muslims in the Gulf-A study on Migration

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Dr.J. Raja Mohamad


The enterprising Muslims of Tamil country were masters of maritime commerce and allied activities right from the inception and spread of Islam   from 8-9th Centuries C.E., on the east coast of south India. They had also established trade and social network across the seas. Due to economic reasons many migrated to the south east and west Asian countries in search of better opportunities. Such migration continued for centuries in that they were attracted by the new opportunities in the Gulf Countries during the first quarter of 20th Century.

A number of people right from the labour class to high skilled professionals migrated to these countries. They had brought prosperity to their families and as well to the nations on both sides. There are many successful stories. For achieving this they had been put in to many ordeals,   lose, hazards and challenges. But still the migrations continue to the Gulf countries. It is estimated that there are about 3,50,000 migrant (Tamil Muslim) workers in GCC countries. The paper is a discussion on the various aspect on the subject based on authentic data.

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