Divulging the Blankets of Feminism with Intersecting Identities in the novel Brick Lane by Monica Ali


  • Anabel Cathrene. W Holy Cross College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli-2


Intersectional feminism, Super Patriarchy, Corporeal suffering, and Cognitive suffering.


This paper effectuates the specific issue of intersectional feminism where the characters  intersect with violence and how fate paves the way for all the female characters to suffer in  misery when they try hard to ignore or escape from the current statures that they are facing  within their lives where all the sufferings and hurdles are slightly different from one another  but they are similar in their suppression that can be either Cognitive or Corporeal. Those  sufferings are based on the caste , culture ,race , gender , ethnicity that paves way to Super Patriarchy . All these sufferings are due to the society which made women the mere caresses  of the society .However towards the end of the novel, Brick Lane, all the misery that happened  has paved way to a new life to all the women who where suppressed.


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