Metamorphosis of Dostoevsky’s Men: From Innocence to Savagery


  • Yamini. V Full-Time Research Scholar, Research Centre in English, EMG Yadava Women’s College Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Dr. C. Ramya Research Supervisor & Assistant Professor, Research Centre in English, EMG Yadava Women’s College Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.


Dostoevsky, Russia, Metamorphosis, Psychology, Savage, Western Philosophy, Society, Culture


The subject of men's mental and emotional well-being is a crucial aspect that often goes overlooked in the era of flourishing feminism. Literature has long explored the theme of psychological transformation, especially in male characters. During the 19th century, Russia underwent significant changes in social, political, and cultural aspects, resulting in the transformation of the country. One of the significant factors contributing to this transformation was the impact of Western ideologies and philosophies that began to spread in Russia. Men who were exposed to these ideas began to question traditional gender roles and expectations, leading to a redefinition of masculinity. This article aims to study the significance of analyzing the psychological metamorphosis of men through the lens of Fyodor Dostoevsky's male characters. Dostoevsky, an eminent Russian author, is widely acclaimed for his literary works that delve into the complexities of human nature. His novels, such as "Crime and Punishment" and "The Idiot," are notable for their intricate character development, particularly concerning male characters. This article examines two of Dostoevsky's male characters, Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov from "Crime and Punishment" and Parfyon Semyonovitch Rogozin from "The Idiot" to illustrate how their psychological metamorphosis reflects the influence of societal and cultural context that leads to savagery.


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