Post-Colonial Perspective Depicted in Dark Ones Poem By Judith Wright


  • S. Kavitha Holy Cross College (Autonomous),Tiruchirappalli.


Dispossession, Loss of identity, Alienation, Colonialism


Judith Arundell Wright was an Australian poet, environmentalist, and advocate for Aboriginal land rights. She lived from May 31, 1915, until June 25, 2000.The Moving Image, Wright's debut poetry collection, was released in 1946 while she was employed as a research worker at the University of Queensland.1976 – Christopher Brennan Award, 1991 – Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry, 1994 – Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Poetry Award for
Collected Poems. She was died in 2000. The "Dark Ones" become guides through the labyrinth of the psyche, urging us to embrace the shadows as integral to our existence. In this poetic odyssey, readers are encouraged to seek beauty in the mysterious, finding solace and revelation in the profound depths of the human soul. "The Dark Ones" stands as an eloquent testament to the transformative power of confronting and embracing the enigma that resides within us all.


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