Traumatic narratives in The Road by Cormac McCarthy


  • P. Keerthana Department of English, Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy.
  • C.Sasikala Assistant Professor, Department of English, Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy.


Parent and child relationship, past memories and traumatized.


Trauma narratives in The Road explore the psychological effects of trauma on personal and
cultural identities. Cormac McCarthy's language effectively captures the characters' mindset and
desolate surroundings, examining the consequences of environmental degradation and the
potential for global conflict. Applying trauma theory reveals the characters' psychological trauma
and its lasting impact on their well-being. Healing is difficult due to fear, killers, and a harsh
environment. The novel also highlights the resilience of parent-child relationships and the power
of love in traumatic experiences.The Road emphasizes the profound influence of trauma and the
importance of human connection and resilience.


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