Uncovering the Causes of Dalit Prejudice in Meena Kandasamy’s The Gypsy Goddess


  • M. KEERTHANA Jamal Mohammed College, Trichy 20.


Dalit, caste prejudices, oppression, violence, marginalization, Kilvennmani massacre.


This study examines the novel "The Gypsy Goddess" by Meena Kandasamy, which highlights
the Kilvennmani massacre in India in 1968. It aims to raise awareness about the oppression faced
by the Dalit community, particularly Dalit women, due to caste prejudices. The research design
involves a qualitative analysis of the novel and the experiences of Dalit women who have faced
violence and oppression. The findings emphasize the ongoing discrimination and marginalization
faced by Dalits, calling for increased awareness and action to address their plight and challenge
caste prejudices.


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